Sunday, February 8, 2015

Experiences are Deposits Into the Bank of Future Memories

If you are a "believer" as I am, then you subscribe to the notion that God has a purpose for you, and part of that purpose is to live intentionally to bless others.  Our interactions with others, whether simple or profound, accidental or planned, are recorded in our memories to be recalled at some future time.  Our efforts to bless others, even for example, through simple kind words, are recorded in the participants' memories.

I have often only considered what might be called the immediate impact of my interactions with others - a hope that my words or acts towards another might make a difference now.  Perhaps, however, the timing isn't right, we aren't receptive, we are distracted, or even hardened.  But there is a more hopeful perspective when one considers the role and purpose of the Holy Ghost in our lives.

Most of us have experienced memories, that when they come to our present mind, bring with them powerful feelings of gratitude, spiritual strength, perspective, or answers to long sought questions.  I believe that these memories are often brought to us by the promise that "he shall ... bring all things to your remembrance...".  The gift of the Holy Ghost enables us to receive specifice blessings through the Holy Ghost, including the blessing to remember.

So in our daily lives as we strive to wipe a tear, comfort a sad heart, build faith through our testimony, remember that we not only bless in the present, but create a future memory that may be recalled at a time when it is critically needed.  Such was the blessing of the prophet Enos as he went in the woods to hunt.

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