Sunday, March 23, 2014

Modern Day Superwoman

As I reflected on a Facebook post to my sister, Cathy Chamberlain Gilmore, wishing her a happy birthday, I caught myself being awestruck by the great woman she has become.  Even a modern day Superwoman.

In honoring my sister I don't cast any dishonor on her husband Ed.  As partners they have created a wonderful family and because of Ed's dedication to his wife and family Cathy has been able to blossom into who she is.

I don't think a week goes by in the Gilmore household when the oven is not producing the aroma of baked goodness.  Though Cathy occasionally will sell her coveted cakes, I have noted that she shares her tasty cakes, pies, breads with her family, friends and neighbors.  Moving into Cathy's neighborhood, I imagine, one would feel they have arrived in bakers heaven.

Cathy is strong - in spirit, in physical capacity, and emotionally.  I have seen her work, I have seen her run.  Her spiritual keenness is evident as she constantly seeks to help, give aid, and comfort others - at trait she inherited from our maternal Grandmother, Dorothy Clark.  In the tribulations of everyday life her emotional toughness enables her to mother her four happy and beautiful daughters.
If you have met Cathy and Ed's daughters you will note that they are always happy, friendly and smiling.  What great legacy of attributes to leave with your children.  Though I should credit Ed for their sensor of humor.

Of particular note is the happy demeanor and exploding smile that you will find on their daughter, Jane.  No doubt Cathy's motherly love and care are combined with Jane's innate goodness and happiness that plant this permanent grin on this beautiful special girl.  It is evidence of how motherly care can inscribe traits and characteristics on the souls of children.  Cathy is writing a great history through the lives of her own children.

Speaking of writing, Cathy is accomplished at knowing how words should flow on paper.  She is a capable writer and capable of fixing other's writings, including my own.  This, coupled with her self-taught design skills has made in her a very creative marketing professional.  She uses these skills to work to provide additional means to support the needs of a young growing family.

How she does it all I can't fathom.  But what I think makes Cathy a modern day Superwoman is that she doesn't know she is.  She readily acknowledges her own weakness.  And though I don't know the inner chambers of her heart, I would guess there are times she despairs, like many of us, for not living up to some unrealistic, imaginary, perfect model of a person she strives to be. That type of humility is that I think she possesses - when it doesn't dwell on despair, but causes us to rely on God to pick us up and help us be just a bit better the next day.

To my Superwoman sister, thanks for your example, for your service in behalf of all of us, particularly for the delectable treats you always share with us, and for kindly reminding us through example and word what is most important in life.  Happy Birthday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Paul, for such a sweet and thoughtful tribute. It's not very often we take the time to write things down, but I'm convinced we should do it more. I certainly don't feel "super", but I do feel blessed surrounded by the heroes in my family.